In BKS Iyengar's Light on Yoga, he says dharana, concentration, the sixth limb of yoga, is when the student is "concentrated wholly on a single point or on a task in which he [or she] is completely engrossed."

To begin experiencing this type of single-minded concentration, we played a yoga version of the classic card game Concentration. In the background of the picture there are 52 playing cards, each with a picture and an English and Sanskrit pose name. There were 13 different poses (4 of each). By turning cards over, students attempted to make matches of the poses. When matches were made, the poses were practiced, and those cards removed. When no match was made, the cards were returned to play. At first, the process was completely random and matches were made by pure chance. However, after a few rounds, as more cards were revealed, and a few removed, an intense use of memory and concentration was needed to remember the location of the poses. It happened to particularly cold last Friday (like single digits), so students were extra motivated to make matches, and get moving! Here we're practice bridge pose (setu bandha sarvangasana.)


Josh Paul